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All the images shown here are from original documents held in the TUC Library Collections at the London Metropolitan University, the Trades Union Congress, the TUC deposit at the People's History Museum and the John Burns Library (deposited by the TUC with the University of London Library in 1996).

The University wishes to thank the New Opportunities Fund and The Trades Union Congress for their core financial support. In addition, funding was received from the following charitable trusts:

Aurelius Charitable Trust
Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust
Thriplow Charitable Trust
The H. and G. de Freitas Charitable Trust
Trades Union Unit Trust

The Project Team

TUC Librarian Christine Coates

Project Manager Alex Bromley

Project Assistant Jan Morgan

Project Advisors Anne Callanan, Susan Davy, Bob Grist, Mary Hartley, Julie Howell, Mike O’Reilly, David Mason, Paul Walk

Timeline narrative Professor Mary Davis, Professor Nina Fishman and Dave Lyddon

Image captions Christine Coates

Timeline and Match Workers digitisation Steve Blunt

Design and content management
Atticmedia Ltd
KE Software (UK) Ltd


In 2003 the team behind this website won the prestigious CILIP Jason Farradane Award, sponsored by Kompass. The Award is given by CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals for outstanding work in the information field.

Launch Event

On Monday 2 February 2004, the TUC hosted to a celebration to mark the completion of The Union Makes Us Strong project. Tony Benn was guest of honour and you can see his speech by clicking on the link below:

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Match Workers, Bryant and May, 1888 Women resurfacing a road 1914-1918
  Ernest Bevin   Strikers Meeting, Millwall, 1918  
  Food lorry with an armoured car escort, General Strike, 1926   Finance Committee, dock strike, 1889