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Historical Background
The Build Up
The Nine Days
TUC Organisation
Government Objectives and Preparations
Local Organisation
Union Reports and Correspondence
Reactions from Groups and Individuals
Return to Work
International Reactions
Consequences of the Strike
The General Strike
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Dock Pickets
Dock Pickets
Dispatch riders waiting outside Transport House
Dispatch riders waiting outside Transport House

The documents, reports, cartoons and photographs shown in this section are a selection taken from the General Strike Collection in the TUC Library Collections held at the London Metropolitan University. Although some 2000 images are available here, the whole Collection is much larger and researchers may contact the Library for more details.

The General Strike Collection comprises material collected by library staff in 1926 and includes TUC documents and bulletins, printed publications and newspapers from Britain and overseas. Other records, such as bulletins produced by local trades councils and strike committees, dispatch riders' reports, photographs etc, were passed to the Library from other TUC Departments. The names of Herbert Tracey [1884-1955] and W. Milne-Bailey [1891-1935], who were the heads of the Publicity and Research Departments respectively, can be seen on many of the documents. Milne-Bailey also deposited the manuscript of his unpublished history "A Nation on Strike" in the Library.

Additional TUC files from the General Strike period are available at the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick. A catalogue for this collection can be viewed here.

The British Worker, 10 May 1926 Food lorry with an armoured car escort
  Dock pickets   Chiswick Bus Depot  
  Despatch Riders   Miners in fancy dress  
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